Tax Advisory

‘A tax advisory service for your business and for you

Maze FDPWe aim to provide you with a ‘jargon-free’ tax advisory service that fits with the commercial aims of your business and also your personal wealth strategies.

RAE has the tax expertise to advise you on the most beneficial tax model for you and your business.  Sharron Fletcher, RAE’s chartered tax advisor, has a wealth of experience in advising entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses, property investors, traders and companies.

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We will work with you and your business to:

  • Reduce the overall taxes paid by your business
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Increase tax administrative efficiency
  • Claim the tax reliefs available to your business
  • Extract value out of your business for you in tax efficient ways
  • Review ways to tax efficiently reward directors and employees

 RAE’s tax advisory services include:

  • Capital taxes planning (e.g. planning to optimise entrepreneurs’ relief)
  • ‘Value extraction’ strategies (e.g. dividends vs salary)
  • Tax structuring (e.g. sole trader vs limited company)
  • Tax cashflow planning (e.g. loss relief planning, VAT cashflow planning)
  • Succession planning (e.g. making the most of your inheritance tax reliefs)
  • Property tax planning (e.g. structuring your property interests efficiently)
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