Creativity – Every good accountant has it

creativityCreativity – Every good accountant has it

Ok, let’s face it; Accountants have the reputation for been a bit on the dull side.  When someone thinks Accountant, seldom does creativity come to mind.  However, creativity is an essential ingredient of every good Accountant …..why?

  • Your accountant should come up with fresh ideas for overcoming financial obstacles that face your business from time to time,
  • An inquisitive accountant means that they are interested in researching new methods for financial efficiency, they are not afraid of moving out of their comfort zone or thinking outside the box,
  • A creative accountant wants to keep on top of their game, they want to keep learning and learning is something they enjoy,
  • A creative accountant with an inquisitive mind is more likely to be naturally interested in your business, the business model you have adopted and whether it can be improved from a financial perspective.

So what other traits should you look out for when picking an accountant?

Strong ethics and integrity – you want an accountant who will keep your confidential information private.  Also, who will ensure you obey all relevant laws, and don’t expect a good accountant to turn a ‘blind eye’ when it suits you.

An organised and structured mind – your accountant needs to be highly organised and structured as an accountant’s work is often highly complex with a need for an eye for detail.

Have a real interest your business’s success – your accountant must have a real interest in your business and the ability to communicate their ideas so that you understand the effect on your business’s bottom line.

With the need to possess such a challenging skill set … a good accountant is never dull.

Sharron Fletcher, owner of RAE Business & Property.

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