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Creativity – Every good accountant has it

Creativity – Every good accountant has it Ok, let’s face it; Accountants have the reputation for been a bit on the dull side.  When someone thinks Accountant, seldom does creativity come to mind.  However, creativity is an essential ingredient of every good Accountant …..why? Your accountant should come up with fresh ideas for overcoming financial

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Should I Incorporate or remain a Sole Trader?

 Should I incorporate or remain a sole trader? By Sharron Fletcher CTA, partner at RAE Business & Property  I was asked at least three times this week by sole traders, ‘Should I incorporate?’. Sometimes the answer is fairly straightforward, like the time a sole trader who had just started his business and wasn’t sure whether

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Are you self-employed?  Find out what you can claim tax relief on

8 common expenses the self employed can or cannot deduct for tax Once I tell someone that I’m an accountant, the most common question I get is ‘is this claimable as a tax expense?’  So, as a helping hand, this blog provides information on 8 of the most common expenses that a self-employed person can

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The Joys of Cloud Accounting

 RAE BUSINESS & PROPERTY SERVICES  Introduction I’ve recently discovered the world of cloud accounting and I want to spread the word.  Too many SMEs are continuing to use desktop accounting software inefficiently and paying too much as well.  An efficient accounting system will help small business owners to reduce their fixed cost base and improve

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